MINE FILMS-Sight from Lazeti 

Sight from Lazeti

This was the first documentary film by TV corporation "Mze" and it was also the first Georgian movie about people from Lazeti. Lazis are our relatives and they live on the coast of Black Sea on the territory of neighboring Republic of Turkey. Path of tele-expedition was very long. On their way to Lazeti, members of the expedition filmed many historical places and ethnographic phenomena. For the first time, TV viewer observed the ruins of famous Lazetian Episcopal Cathedral-Peronith in this film. They also saw the unique Makriali Church, where future queens of Georgia were wedded. Lazis believe, that an angel dwells in this place till modern times. The members of the expedition to travel next to a so-called Canyon of Hell, which is located hear a fortress Artanuji residence place of Georgian royal family. They also filmed a tower of Satleli. The film depicts a fortress of Trapzon, which was conquered by the mighty army of King Tamar. You will also see a dwelling place of Sopio Gurieli- last queen of Guria, located in a city of Platana for the first time. A 100 years old lady Khavana Meliki is the main hero of the movie. She recalls many centuries old traditions, examples of poetry and folklore. Grandmother Khavana speaks in Georgian with the members of the film crew. The old songs of famous Lazi singer Kazim Koinju are used in the film.

Director and author of scenario: George Kalandia.
Director of the project: Eldar Mdinaradze.
Cameraman: Beso Gaprindashvili.
Director of editing: Naira Dilaniani.
Consultant: Candidate of historical sciences Buba Kudava.

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