Unknown artist, Mengrelian Prince David Dadiani.,portrait

Franc Qsaver Vinterhalter (1806-1873). Mengrelian Princess Ekaterine Chavchavadze-Dadiani (1816-1882). Portrait. Oil. Canvas

Mengrelian Princess Ekaterine Chavchavadze-Dadiani (1816-1882). photo-portrait.

Mengrelian Princess Ekaterine Chavchavadze-Dadiani (1816-1882). photo-portrait.

Unknown artist, Mengrelian Prince Niko Dadiani.,portrait

Mengrelian Prince Niko Dadiani.,photo portrait

Unknown artist, Mengrelian Princess Meri Adlerberg-Dadiani.,portrait

Mengrelian Princess Meri Dadiani-Adlerberg, photo-portrait

Unknown artist, Mengrelian Prince Niko Dadiani.,portrait

Konstantin Makovski (1839-1915). Baby Mengrelian Prince Niko Dadiani.,portrait

Unknown artist, Mengrelian Prince Andria Dadiani.,portrait

Mengrelian Prince Andria Dadiani,photo-portrait

Unknown artist, Mengrelian Prince andria Dadiani., photo-portrait

Prince Ashil Murat ,photo-portrait

Mengrelian Princess Salome Dadiani-Murat.,photo portrait

The first data about the family dates back to 1046. Presumably, the Dadiani descended from a certain Dadi. Appointed as hereditary eristavi (dukes) of Odishi (Samegrelo) in reward for their military services, the family had become the most powerful feudal house in western Georgia by the 1280s. At that time, the branches of the family governed also Svaneti and Guria.

In 1557, Duke Levan I Dadiani became hereditary Prince (mtavari) of Mingrelia and established himself as an independent ruler. His descendant Prince Levan III Dadiani was forced to abdicate in 1691 and Dadianis relatives from the Chikovani) family inherited the title of Princes of Mingrelia and the surname of Dadiani. Accepting Russian sovereignty in 1802, the Dadiani were elevated to the dignity of Prince of the Russian Empire and enjoyed significant independence in their home affairs. Niko Dadiani, the last Prince of Samegrelo was deposed and his principality was abolished by the Russian government on January 4, 1857. Prince Niko Dadiani officially renounced his rights to the throne in 1868.

Dukes (eristavi) and Princes (mtavari) of Mingrelia
Vardan I Dadiani (ca 1180ss-1190s)
Shergil Dadiani (ca 1220s-1240s)
Vardan II Dadiani (ca 1240s-1250s)
Tsotne Dadiani (ca 1260s)
Bedan Dadiani (ca 1270s-ca 1290s)
Giorgi I Dadiani (ca 1293-1323)
Mamia I Dadiani (1323-1345)
Giorgi II Dadiani (1345-1384)
Vameq I Dadiani (1384-1396)
Mamia II Dadiani (1396-1414)
Liparit I Dadiani (1414-1470)
Shamandavle Dadiani (1470-1473)
Vameq II Dadiani (1474-1482)
Liparit II Dadiani (1482-1512)
Mamia III Dadiani (1512-1533)
Levan I Dadiani (1533-1546)
Giorgi III Dadiani (1546-1573, 1574-1582)
Mamia IV Dadiani (1574, 1582-1590)
Manuchar I Dadiani (1590-1611)
Levan II Dadiani (1611-1657)
Liparit III Dadiani (1657-1658)
Vameq III Dadiani (1658-1661)
Levan III Dadiani (1661-1681)
Levan IV Dadiani (1681-1691)
Giorgi IV Dadiani (Lipartiani) (1700-1704, 1710-1714)
Katsia I Dadiani (1704-1710)
Bezhan I Dadiani (1714-1728)
Otia I Dadiani (1728-1758)
Katsia II Dadiani (1758-1788)
Grigol I Dadiani (1788-1791, 1794-1802, 1802-1804)
Manuchar II Dadiani (1791-1793)
Tariel Dadiani (1793-1794, 1802)
Levan V Dadiani (1804-1840)
David I Dadiani (1840-1853)
Niko Dadiani (1853-1857)


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